Steps for Accutane/iPledge for Males

  1. Fill out 2 page informed consent in iPledge book and 2 in-office consents.
  2. Get fasting blood test done at a lab of your choice (where you will go each month).
    • 2 days later, our office will receive your test results and register you in the iPledge system.
  3. Once we receive your labs and register you, we will be able to send your prescription to the pharmacy.
    • We will call you to let you know we have received your labs and to inform you when your prescription has been sent.
  4. You will have a 30 day window after we send your prescription to pick it up from the pharmacy.
    • If you miss this window, you will have to be seen at our office again and have a new prescription sent.
  5. Each month, you will get your labs drawn 25 - 30 days apart and be seen at our office 2 days later to receive your monthly prescription.
    • Try not to go more than 30 days because you will run out of medication.